Bansha & Kilmoyler


BANSHA & KILMOYLER                                                Area Code: 062

Very Rev.Michael Hickey, PP, Bansha, Co. Tipperary                     54132

Mobile:                                                                                              087 9365758


Church of the Annunication, Bansha


Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                  7:00 P.M.

Sundays                                                                       9:00A.M.; 11:30A.M.

Holyday                                                                       9:00A.M.; 11:30A.M.

First Friday                                                                  7:00P.M.

CONFESSIONS First Saturdays before Evening Mass

ADORATION Every Wednesday

BAPTISMS 6:15 PM Saturdays; 12:15 pm Sundays


Our Lady of the Assumption, Kilmoyler


Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                    8:00P.M.

Sundays                                                                       10:30A.M.

Holydays                                                                     10:30A.M.

First Friday                                                                  7:30P.M.

CONFESSIONS:                                                          First Friday after Evening Mass


Nursing Homes

St. Martha’s                                                                  052 7441895


Primary Schools:

Ballydrehid NS                                                          052 7442581

Tankerstown NS                                                        062 54588

Bansha NS                                                                 086 8200225